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Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Surf-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Adventure-Travel-Surfer-Wave-Playa-Maderas-Nature-Eco-Travel Surf
Casa Oro Group What-Are-You-Waiting-For-Casa-Oro-Surf-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Adventure-Travel-Playa-Remanso-Surf-Sunset-Session Surf
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Surf-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Adventure-Travel-Learn-Surf-Practice-Wave-Skilled-Instructor Surf

A surfing institution

The best boards, quality instruction, and an awesome surf rack that mimics the shape of a flower.

Our surf school is conveniently located right inside the hostel and offers surf lessons and surfboard rentals every day. You should go out and take advantage of the perfect surfing conditions, over 300 days of all-day offshore winds each year.

We offer relaxed and friendly surf lessons from experienced teachers. Over the years, we’ve taught thousands of people how to surf. Lessons last about three hours and include both dry and in-water teachings. Prices start at $25 USD per person and include round-trip transportation to Playa Maderas or Playa Remanso, a full day board rental, and are available in both Spanish and English.

Surf’s Up!


Casa Oro Group Surfing-Institution-Casa-Oro-Surf-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Adventure-Travel-Surf-School-Teaching-Student-Playa-Maderas Surf
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Surf-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Adventure-Travel-Learn-Surf-Playa-Maderas-Nature-Responsible-Travel-Eco-Tourism-Ocean Surf
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