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Sustainability is not enough.

Leave places, people, and economies better.

Organic Farm

We are what we eat.

An experimental food production and re-wilding system designed using patterns observed in nature. A medley of practices are in play including things like: agroforestry, permaculture, biodynamics, local indigenous knowledge.

You can find fresh produce for sale and farm to table plates at Cafe Oro.

You can also find high quality oxygen and nature at our farm, Rancho Regeneracion. 

Ecological Construction

Structures that take care of your needs while minimizing environmental harm

We are eternal experimenters who love to push what’s possible. We don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to be eco-friendly, we can do it all and save money.

We are in the finishing stages of completing the first prototype dwelling, drawing from our range of building experiences using natural & upcycled materials, bamboo, calearth, superadobe, earthship biotecture principles and closed loop systems.

Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Garden-Organic-Seedling-Compost-2 Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Organic-Garden-Herbs-Natural-Permaculture Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Natural-Permaculture-Biodynamics-Lunar-Planting-Chiltoma-Chemical-Free-Organic Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Tonio-Local-Empowerment-Reforestation-Education-Regeneration-1 Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Eco-Construction-Natural-Building-Glass-Bottle-Wall-Upcycle-Recycle-Casa-Andalucia-Eco-Lodge-Retreat-Center Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Earthbag-Bamboo-Ecological-Construction-Natural-Building Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Construction-Natural-Building-Earthbag-Earthship-Bamboo Rancho Regeneration
Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Earthbag-Construction-Plaster-Natural-Building-Eco Rancho Regeneration

Upcycle | Compost | Recycle 

Casa Oro serves as a recycling and composting center for San Juan del Sur. We divert street trash from the landfill and use these as natural building materials. We also divert all organic/kitchen waste to Rancho Regeneración where we make compost, which is then used to plant food for the restaurant. 

Casa Oro Group Casa-Oro-Group-Rancho-Regeneracion-Regeneration-San-Juan-del-Sur-Nicaragua-Community-Eco-Tourism-Casa-Oro-Eco-Construction-Natural-Building-Glass-Bottle-Wall-Upcycle-Recycle Rancho Regeneration

Trees Planted

Experiments Conducted

Bottles Diverted



Together, we can do better.

Leave places, people, and economies better.

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